Carry Cots & Second Seats

Carry Cots & Second Stroller Seat Reviews

Infant carrycots are a travel system and they are very similar to the Moses basket, except that they are often higher quality and are more of a valuable purchase. Baby carrycots come with a stroller and a base which makes the purchase worthwhile for parents on the move. Baby cots are multi-purpose and can be fitted onto strollers for travelling or for use as a baby bed. Parents may opt for baby carrycots if they often travel and need to take their infants with them, providing them with convenience.

There are several variations and styles of carry cots on the market which offers parents plenty of options to choose from. The designs of these carry cots have evolved from very simple baskets, to higher quality and sturdier baskets with a range of features. Manufacturers have also started to design double travel systems which can accommodate two children which makes parenting much easier for those with a growing family.

Carrycots & Baby Cot Reviews

Benefits of Baby Carrycots

Although a carrycot is very similar to a Moses basket, there are a few advantages of buying a baby cot which makes this a superior choice. Here are a few benefits of this stroller accessory.

  • Multi-purpose Carrier – These travel systems are effectively a multi-purpose baby carrier as strollers can come with baby cots which can also serve as a baby bed. Having multiple uses for one product makes things easier to manage and use.
  • Travel-friendly Accessory – Baby carrycots are designed to be portable as most of them have handles and they can be attached to strollers for convenient traveling. Compared to a stationary basket, this stroller accessory can be very useful and beneficial for busy parents.
  • Full of Useful Features – Most modern baby cots come loaded with useful features which can save you time, stress and money. There are carrycots which come with mosquito nets, wide hoods, car seat adapters and much more.

Though infants may outgrow carry cots within 6 months, the amount of time spent in the stroller accessory and the great convenience offered is well worth the money invested.

Choosing the Best Baby Carrycots

Stroller accessories can prove to be very important and in some cases, essential. With the growing market of accessories ever-expanding, it can be overwhelming for parents to choose the most suitable baby cots.

We have reviewed an extensive range of accessories from big brands to help you decide on the best baby stroller accessory. Take a look at our reviews to see which stroller accessory is the most suitable for you.