Car Seat Adapters

Car Seat Adapters & Travel System Accessories

Whether you are planning a road trip or running an errand, baby stroller accessories such as the car seat adapter, can make transitions from strollers to vehicles very easy and safe. These infant carrier seats are very portable and most travel systems are universally compatible with the seats in cars.

Baby carriers are commonly categorized by your child’s weight and not the age. However, these standards are not universal and there may be different brands which categorize the carriers by the children’s height, rather than weight. Before you buy a car seat adapter or travel system, ensure that the seat is suitable for your child.

Car Seat Adapters & Travel System Reviews

Car Seat Adapter Features to Look For

There are a variety of travel systems on the market which gives parents an overwhelming amount of options. When looking on the market, you should keep an eye out for essential features that will keep your baby safe and secure whilst providing the convenience for parents.

  • Compatibility – Many of the baby seat adapters are universal for cars. However, there are a few adapters which are specifically designed to work with certain baby strollers. You will need to check if the accessory is compatible with your current stroller.
  • Security of the Adapter– Checking if the adapter has all of the essential security features for your baby is very important. Harnesses, locks and buckle pads are great for keeping your baby secure in the seat whilst minimizing discomfort for the baby.
  • ISOFIX – The ISOFIX is an international car safety system which is commonly fitted as a standard in modern cars. This feature provides anchor points on the seat of the car for the baby carrier to attach to. Many modern travel systems and seat adapters are able to take advantage of this safety feature in cars. This provides a more secure and stable foundation without the need to use a seat belt.

Choosing the Best Car Seat Adapters & Travel Systems

Stroller accessories can prove to be very important and in some cases, essential. With the growing market of accessories ever-expanding, it can be overwhelming for parents to choose the most suitable baby carrier and travel system.

We have reviewed an extensive range of accessories from big brands to help you decide on the best baby accessory. Take a look at our reviews to see which of the accessories are most suitable for you.