Quad Prams & 6 Seat Strollers

Multi-Seat Strollers

For families with multiple children, it’s important to have a form of transport which accommodates the entire family. With these multi-seat strollers, you can easily provide comfortable space for your little ones whilst travelling. Although these strollers can be quite big in size depending on the amount of seats you have, the sturdiness, reliability and storage space of the prams make up for that fact.

Whether you are looking for a basic quad stroller or an advanced 6 seated pushchair, there are a variety of affordable multi-seat strollers which offer excellent functionality for price. We have reviewed a range of prams from big brands such as the Foundations prams. If you are still undecided on which quad stroller or 6 seat stroller you should buy, then take a look at our reviews to see what we think and what other parents think.

Quad Strollers & 6 Seat Strollers Reviews

Types of Multi-Seat Strollers

Whether you require a quad stroller or a 6 seated baby stroller, there are a variety of multi-seated pushchairs which provide great functionality and features to suit different parents.

Children and their items often require a lot of space, which makes multi-seat prams a great choice for large families. These strollers are often built with manoeuvrability and functionality in mind to help you keep up with your little ones.

  • Double Baby Strollers – These strollers can accommodate up to two children and they usually have two styles, ‘In-line’ and ‘Side-by-side’. The ‘In-line’ models provide higher manoeuvrability, whilst the ‘side-by-side’ models provide improved visibility.
  • Triple Baby Strollers – Triple pushchairs can provide accommodation for up to three children and there are a variety of styles available. From jogging strollers and lightweight strollers to tandem strollers, you can choose from a range of models depending on your needs.
  • Quadruple Baby Strollers – Quad strollers provide comfortable accommodation for up to four children and they are usually less common than other strollers. These pushchairs usually only have one style which is having two front seats and two rear seats.
  • 6 Seated Baby Strollers – For larger families with four or more children, a 6 seat pushchair can be very convenient. The 6 seated strollers are usually quite large, but they provide accommodation for up to six children.

Choosing the Best Multi-Seat Stroller

 Multi-seat strollers offer convenience for families with four or more children. Taking care of multiple children can be quite tiring whilst travelling, but a quad stroller or a 6 seat stroller can make your job much easier and more comfortable for the children.

There are different types of pushchairs which provide features for different parents. Depending on your needs and requirements, some pushchairs may be more suited for you than others.

We have reviewed an extensive range of prams from big brands to help you with deciding on the best pushchair. Take a look at our reviews to see which pushchair is the most suitable for you.